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Saturday, 2 November 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Why would anyone want to break up someone’s marriage? How would a third party be in an advantageous position if a married couple enters splitsville? Well, in order to find the answers to such questions we may have to go back into history.

In the verse 2:102 of the Holy Quran Allah (swt) says,

“And from these (angels) people learn that by which they cause separation between man and his wife, but they could not harm anyone except by Allah’s Leave. And they learn that which harms them and profits them not”.

This verse throws light on the corrupt practices which were prevalent amongst the Jews, during the reign of Hazrat Sulaiman (as). They used to seek pleasure by bringing about separation between married couples and for doing so they used the weapon of sorcery. So trying to destroy happy marriages is an age old practice and it continues till date. The reasons why any evil person would like to do sos are one too many. Satan can make people stoop down to the level where they cannot tolerate anyone’s happiness.

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘Iblis has his throne in the sea and he sends out his dispatchments of shaitan to aggravate people.  The dearest of them to him is the one who causes the most fitna (tribulation). One of his workers comes and tells him, ‘I did not leave (my victim) until I brought about separation between him and his wife’. Iblis draws near him and says to him, ‘Yes, You (are the best)” Hadith.

There are different sort of cases wherein envious people can resort to such tactics.
Suppose a woman sets her eyes on a rich man but the man is not interested in her and he gets married to another woman. It is quite obvious that a malicious woman will never take this defeat in her stride and she will eventually resort to revenge. Now what could be a better weapon to seek revenge other than witchcraft? In this way the vindictive woman will be able to take revenge by breaking that man’s marriage, without others getting any inkling about it. Besides this, there may be a plethora of reasons why anyone can cast witchcraft spells on happily married couples to cause a break-up. Jealousy, envy, enmity and revenge are the basic factors which can impel someone to break another’s marriage.

The proof from the Holy Quran (2:102) and the above mentioned hadith are enough to make one take caution. Due to such spells even the happiest couples stop getting along with each other. They will start having altercations at the slightest excuse and if they do not realize what’s actually wrong then there are chances that their marriage will soon be on the rocks.
Can any sensible soul like to part ways with their spouse simply because an enemy cannot tolerate to see them happy together? Simply not! The right attitude is to face the problem heads on instead of ignoring it.
As far as the ways in which such spells are cast then we find that there are too many of them to be mentioned here. I have mentioned just one of them to give you a fair idea about the designs someone may have on you and your marriage.
There is a witchcraft break-up spell in which the witch lights a black candle with a wooden matchstick. She then writes the name of the couple, whose marriage she intends to break up, on a parchment paper- within a circle. Then she drops the wax fro the candle on top of the circle she draws on the paper (surrounding the names of the husband and wife). While doing so the witch tries to build up energy and she focuses on her wish to cause the couple to split. Once the circle gets covered she extinguishes the candle while saying, ‘So convey my will, my spell has been listened to, as I will, so mote it be”. On the same day she buries that piece of paper in mud or throws it in a river, or else she may burn it and dispose the ashes to nature. She ends this Satanic spell by lighting the black candle on the next full moon till it gets burnt out completely.
The harmful effects of this spell may begin soon after and its intensity depends on the fact whether the husband and wife have sought spiritual help beforehand. If they have a spiritual healer working for them then he may sense that something is wrong and he may break the hex. Otherwise the couple will caught unawares and they will eventually succumb to the psychic attack.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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