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Saturday, 2 November 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

What is the first thing which comes to the mind when the word ‘love’ is mentioned? Well, different people who have experienced love would define love in their own unique way. The word love conjures up in our mind attributes such as purity, selflessness and trust, apart from the red roses. However, in the world of witchcraft, even a pure and beautiful emotion such as love has been distorted and tainted. Real love is the one which comes to us naturally but in the world of witchcraft, love is brought on artificially- through spells. It is also made to linger on through spells and if the need arises- it is also put to an end through spells. So the entire concept of love takes a nosedive. Let me elaborate this by giving you examples of the numerous love spells which are being practiced extensively these days.

Who would not like to be wooed with red roses but what if the red roses are replaced by a bewitching witchcraft spell? I mean to say that getting attracted towards someone or getting involved with someone from the opposite sex naturally can be the most beautiful experience of one’s life. However, getting tricked into a relationship through spells or getting married to a person who has cast a spell on you can surely spell disaster. Something natural, pure and selfless can never be replaced by something fake, impure and selfish.

There are plenty of products, such as bewitching spell candles and incense powders, sparking spell casting powders etc doing the rounds in the market and they are touted as a sure shot way to find love. However, simply finding new love is not the only reason for which spells are being cast on innocent victims. The following are the ways in which the witchcraft spells can be used by crafty people against you:

Attracting new love into one’s life
Catching someone’s attention
Making one’s crush to fall in love with them
To  find new lovers
To mend a relationship that has turned sour.
To steal the heart of someone who does not approve of you
To bring a past love back into one’s life
To make a lover commit through a manipulative spell
To bring a lover close to oneself
Casting a garment spell to keep one’s lover loyal always
Making your crush think about you
Make a lover/crush call you
To bring passion back into your relationship
Hypnotic love spell to make someone specific fall for you
Lust or desire spell to make someone want only you

 Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg…

There are many more ways in which innocent people are being fooled around by the crafty ones, who do not leave any stones unturned in trying to fulfill their evil desires. In the subsequent posts, Inshallah I shall bring to light more such case where in caution should be exercised.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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