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Saturday, 2 November 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

What would it be like to have our mind controlled by someone else, remotely? Definitely, it will not be a good experience. Imagine yourself as a puppet in the hands of our enemy. What would such a life be like? Without any freedom surely it is going to be somewhat like hell. If we think of ourselves in such a situation we definitely feel dreadful. So how can we allow ourselves to get trapped in such a situation? Well, it is through negligence and lack of awareness. Most of the innocent victims of witchcraft are oblivious of the evil mindsets of their enemies and the ensuing vengeful desires. Due to this lack of awareness about the level to which the enemies people can stoop the innocent people fall a prey to witchcraft spells which can ruin their lives.
One of the ways in which your enemy can seek revenge or fulfill some of their evil desires is by casting a spell through which they can manipulate your thinking. The mind control spell, as the name suggests- can alter your outlook totally- in a way that suits your enemy. The devil will start planting thoughts in your mind which you will think of as your own. The moment you start believing in those thoughts as your own- you have lost the battle to the devil. The suitable reaction should be that you should ask to yourself, ‘How can such a thought come to my mind? This is not me. An even better reaction to such planted thoughts should be that one should understand that there is some paranormal activity involved. Otherwise how can a person undergo abrupt personality changes overnight? How can a successful and enthusiastic entrepreneur lose interest in his business and start neglecting it? How can you develop a sudden fondness for a person whom you had hated erstwhile? The answers to all these questions are the same. It means that there is something fishy going on somewhere. Someone is trying to manipulate your thoughts through supernatural ways, such as black magic, witchcraft etc. It could be an enemy whom you know about but it could also be someone about whose vengeance, hatred or envy you do not have any idea of. Unfortunately, it could be someone quite close to you, so the best way to deal with such a situation is to learn to accept it. Trying to pretend as though everything is fine will only complicate things for you. Some people become so shocked when they experience betrayal by their near and dear ones that they simply refuse to accept the truth. However, we should realize that escapism can never do any good to anyone.
I have mentioned a spell here to inform you about the kind of things which are being done these days by witchcraft practitioners to satisfy their clients.
This is one of the many kinds of mind control spells that are doing the rounds nowadays.

Firstly, the witch concentrates on the victim.
Secondly, she focuses on what she wants the victim to do
She feels the energy in the victim’s mind
 Lastly, she snaps her finger to activate her spell.

There are many more such spells, some of which involve chants. The objective of trying to control the victim’s mind can be one too many. However, one thing is certain- that the objective can never be good, it has to be evil. This is simply because casting magic spells of any kind is a grave sin and Islam does not permit all these occult sciences which had prevailed during the Jahiliyyah period. It is up to the victim whether he tries to protect his free will and sanity of mind or whether he succumbs to such devilish tactics and becomes a puppet in the hands of his enemies.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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