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Saturday, 2 November 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Presently, witchcraft is being touted as being the fastest growing religious movements. However, it has its roots firmly embedded in Paganism and Goddess worship, which is a form of ancient occultism and sorcery. Sorcery has been strictly forbidden in Islam and there is enough evidence from the Holy Quran as well as the ahadith to support this statement.
Witchcraft is a form of Satanism and therefore, it is strictly against the tenets of Islam. Witchcraft, which is claimed to be the oldest religion of the world, has infringed the limits set by Islam in the following ways:

Witches are supposed to believe in the anti-Islamic concepts of incarnation and karma
Belief in tree spirits, fairies, gnomes and nature is also common amongst witches. Witches are those women who deal with evil spirits for casting spells on victims, performing magic etc
Witches sacrifice both animals and human beings to appease the Devil.
Witches cast spells and place hexes on their targets.
They even indulge in astral sexual intercourse with spirit beings.
There exists a close connection between witches and Satanism.
The ceremonies of witches include nude dancing around bonfires, performing magical rituals, incantations, drunken sex orgies, fertility rites, incantations and human sacrifice.
When someone becomes a witch, they enter a pact with Satan, at the very onset. They start worshipping him instead of Allah (swt). They even promise to offer child sacrifice to appease the devil.
Tattoos of devil’s marks such as a serpent, magic circle, evil eye etc are found on the body of witches.
Through the spells that they cast they can cause bewitchment, sickness and even death.

So, the witches spread evil in the world through their pact with Satan. They perform evil rituals to appease Satan and through his help they afflict innocent people. So no matter whether someone practices witchcraft or gets it done on someone, it is anti-Islamic and should therefore be avoided at any cost. 

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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