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Saturday, 2 November 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

I had mentioned earlier about the need to be careful about one’s clothes and other personal items because they can be used in casting a magic spell on you. There is a kind of a magic known as contagious magic in which the witches can use your personal items such as your garments, hair strands, nail clippings, saliva etc to cast spells on you. The contagious magic is based on the notion that the things which have remained together will remain so ever after, even when they have been disunited or separated and whatever is done on one will affect the other.
In my previous post I had mentioned about the fact that witches can misuse your garments, nails etc to cast love spells on you. Such spells can make you fall into a trap set by the witch. Once the spell starts working you will find yourself attracted or head over heals in love with someone in whom you did not have any interest whatsoever. This is the reason why one of the symptoms of witchcraft/black magic is of sudden changes in one’s personality, outlook etc. Now it requires some amount of experience to ponder over sudden changes in your attitude. Those who are a novice when it comes to witchcraft may unfortunately take no notice of this sudden change in them. This eventually helps the witch to tighten the noose around her victim’s neck and make him/her a puppet in her hands. I shall mention about a Satanic death spell to show how a little negligence on our part can prove to be lethal.

First of all the nail, hair, saliva or cloth belonging to the victim is procured by the witch.
Then an effigy is made by using that personal item and some graveyard dirt is gathered.
 The effigy is then placed in a small cardboard box along with the dirt.
A candle is lit and the witch focuses on the death or destruction of the victim, thereby causing harm to the victim with his own personal belonging.

Although there are various types of death spells in witchcraft but in the one which I have mentioned here the witch makes use of the personal belongings of the victim. There are two ways in which an envious person or an enemy can lay hands on your garments. They can either do it directly or stealthily. The situation in which they can do it directly reflects the naivety of the victim. This shows that the enemy is 100 % sure that the victim will not suspect them at all. In such cases, the enemy very cleverly asks for something by feigning appreciation for it. The unsuspecting victim may believe in him and hand over any of his garments. In the second case, the enemy has some idea that the victim will grow suspicious if he asks for his garment directly. In such cases, the enemy will steal it from the victim somehow. Therefore, allowing suspicious people, even if they are our nearest kith and kin, into one’s house is a grave mistake. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) has said, ‘A believer is never bitten by the same hole twice’. (Sahih Bukhari). If someone has wronged us once and broken our trust in them then it will be safer for us to treat such people only as our enemies. Keeping a safe distance from such people is essential otherwise we shall be letting down our Dear Prophet (pbuh) who did not expect any of the believers to be duped by the same enemy for the second time,    

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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